OSARO Partners Alliance Debuts


OSARO Debuts Partners Alliance: a Collaborative Program for E-commerce Robotics Integrators and Vendors

Partners can leverage OSARO’s industry-leading pick-and-place systems and advanced vision software to create new opportunities, build new revenue streams, and expand the range of available solutions for fast-growing e-commerce and logistics businesses.

Working with a FANUC robot and Pregis automated bagging machine, OSARO staff work with an NPSG technician to construct the OSARO® Robotic Bagging System at Zenni Optical.

SAN FRANCISCO—November 1, 2022: OSARO®, a global leader in AI-driven robotics for e-commerce, has launched a partner program that aims to streamline the deployment of robotic solutions for e-commerce and logistics businesses. The OSARO Partners Alliance program provides a range of collaboration and comarketing opportunities for vendors, integrators, distributors, resellers, third-party logistics companies (3PLs), and consultants, to deliver unified solutions. The program is designed to optimize every stage of a customer’s purchasing and deployment process whether it be with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), or other solution technologies.

The program’s inaugural members include three companies with a proven track record of delivering advanced robotic solutions for e-commerce environments:

FANUC America — a leading supplier of robots, CNC systems and factory automation
Pregis® — a leading manufacturer of end-of-line packaging solutions
NPSG Global® — a leading designer of e-fulfillment warehouse implementation services

The collaboration of these three partners and OSARO is emblematic of the benefits that can be achieved by working together. OSARO is currently deploying its OSARO® Robotic Bagging Systems in a production environment at Zenni Optical’s e-commerce distribution operations in Novato, California. Each system includes a FANUC robot arm, Pregis automated bagging system, and is installed with automation expertise from NPSG Global.

“OSARO is solving the elusive challenge of automating the most complicated and labor-intensive task in the warehouse: the full automation of piece picking,” said CEO Derik Pridmore. “The OSARO Partners Alliance provides a framework for the integration of our pick-and-place technology with the latest product and service innovations from proven partners. Our model allows partners to grow their businesses with our software, systems, and tools, and to tailor the program for their objectives.”

Program addresses an urgent need for better automation

Advances in Al-driven robotics have created new solutions to tackle supply-chain disruptions and labor shortages, and to equip e-commerce operations with solutions that accelerate delivery and boost productivity. But tailoring the right solution requires a collaborative approach that includes software, hardware, and materials-handling experts with deep domain experience.

The OSARO Partners Alliance convenes the right set of players to deliver success to both customers and partners. It fosters a community where participants can share knowledge, resources, and expertise to support their mutual clients as they evolve their supply-chain capabilities to keep e-commerce humming.

Members of the Alliance can use OSARO’s industry-leading pick-and-place vision software to create new opportunities, build new revenue streams together, and expand the range of available solutions for fast-growing e-commerce and logistics businesses.

OSARO Alliance partners may take advantage of:

• Applicable OSARO licenses for demo or production use
• Joint OSARO webinars
• Joint press and social media outreach with OSARO
• Technical and marketing resources from OSARO
• OSARO Sales support
• OSARO lead sourcing
• Customer referencing
• Collaborative marketing planning
• Joint trade show participation by mutual agreement
• Shared marketing content creation and distribution
• OSARO annual business planning and quarterly business review
• RFP bid support from OSARO
• OSARO’s partner enablement training program
• Partner logos featured on the OSARO website

Join us

Visit the OSARO Partners Alliance website.
Or contact Inside Sales Director David Burton at OSARO


OSARO™ delivers best-in-class robotic piece-picking solutions for e-commerce where key challenges include high SKU inventories, complex packaging, and fragile items. In the rapidly evolving world of logistics technology, OSARO offers smarter automation, low-risk business plans, and its signature Hypercare support from concept exploration to onsite installation. OSARO’s intelligent robots enable goods-to-robot (G2R) use cases, where the greatest gains are yet to be made on the automated warehouse floor. Its machine-learning vision and control software provides the foundation for all its products. For more information, visit osaro.com.

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