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Expertise, coaching, RaaS plans

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How we provide low risk to entry

We offer a low-risk business approach including upfront assessment, feasibility studies, and Robot-as-a-Service plans instead of less flexible, costly capital investment.

We lower risk by:

  • Conducting rigorous upfront assessments so you get it right the first time and keep your options open. Our experienced field staff guide you through steps to assess your current automation process, identify priorities, and set goals.
  • Shifting cost from upfront investment to operations to lower expense. RaaS business plans give confidence to managers embarking on risky new automation processes. RaaS contracts operationalize and lower cost, allowing more flexibility as business scales and when new or different equipment is needed as product mix changes. 
  • Delivering a hand-in-hand, reliable Hypercare customer support program.  90-day onsite staffing during deployment and sustainable maintenance plans for the future.
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How RaaS Can Cut Risk

Increasingly, robotics automation companies are offering Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) contracts as a payment option to reduce risk associated with cost and complexity. Materials handling expert Bryan Arnold explains in one of our Ask an Expert interviews.