Use Cases

Powering the World's Supply Chain

OSARO's solution utilizes machine learning to empower industrial robots to be more productive and versatile. We work directly with warehouse and material handling technology providers to accelerate systems integration and offer on-site support in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

Logistics Automation

Automate your fulfillment centers with piece-picking, bin packing, and depalletizing solutions for high velocity SKU inventories.



Bin Picking

Pick high volumes and a variety of SKUs in a Goods-to-Robot setup connected with your ASRS.

First Robotics Solution for Automated Bagging

Automate item bagging by pairing industrial robots powered by OSARO’s sophisticated pick-and-place software with packaging equipment from leading automated bagging partners.

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Automated Bagging – OSARO

Sorter Induction

Isolates items from a mixed SKU induction point and places them onto traditional conveyors or sorters to improve efficiency of sortation further down the line.

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Parcel Picking

Quickly picks parcels from jumbled environments and places them with or without orientation adjustments into totes or onto conveyor belts.


Factory Automation

With OSARO you can automate your factory operations such as machine tending, kitting, or packaging in industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and electronics.



Machine Tending

Automated loading and unloading of industrial machines. Provide enhanced safety and efficiency in your manufacturing plants.


Enable the orientation and placement of items into an ordered kit from one or more jumbled sources.


Streamline packaging for food, electronics, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


OSARO works with a variety of industries and supports a wide range of product types




Customer Success Stories

“OSARO has helped Denso achieve unprecedented lead generation and I'm confident that our companies will unlock a new level of automation together.”

Yosuke Sawada, Managing Director Robot Business Unit

Denso is one of the top global industrial robot manufacturers

“OSARO's solution is able to handle items that others fail at. These types of items are essential to automating ASRS. IHI and OSARO can take this technology to market.”

Tsuyoshi Tsuchida, President of IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation

IHI is one of Japan’s top 3 integrators & subcontractors to GE

"Innotech's staying power has been generated by investing in groups that are the cutting edge of R&D. In today's landscape, that means providing reliable automation products to our end users. We are accomplishing that by teaming up with OSARO, and offering new AI technology that is just now becoming possible."

Yosuke Kaburagi, Director of Robotics Automation Projects at Innotech