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The triple dilemma of high demand, consumer expectations, and a severe labor shortage accelerated the need for smarter warehouse automation. OSARO delivers robotic piece-picking solutions for e-commerce that expand the role robots play on the warehouse floor. Our advanced, machine learning-driven SightWorks™ vision and control software delivers superior precision and reliability. It provides the foundation for all our products.



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Our piece-picking robots are adaptable, flexible, and scalable to meet changing product or workflow needs. They can perform bagging, kitting, depalletizing, induction, and pick to AMR/ASRS systems — tasks previously done only by humans. This is where the greatest gains in warehouse efficiency can be achieved. Moving repetitive tasks from goods-to-person (GTP) stations to the goods-to-robot (GTR) function creates safer, better jobs for people.

The revolution in logistics

Zenni's automation experience

OSARO product solutions

Pick-and-place robotics with bagging equipment from trusted suppliers for performance and ROI.


The most advanced vision and accurate object placement for parcel sorter induction.

OSARO® Robotic Kitting System

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OSARO's kitting solution offers flexibility, adaptability, precision placement, labor relief, and cost savings.

OSARO® Piece Picking for AMR/ASRS


Flexible integration with other robots and infrastructure. No CAD models,  no pre-registration.

OSARO SightWorks™ vision software

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SightWorks™ enables robots to see, perceive, grasp, and perform tasks previously done only by humans. 

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Improve safety, increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance product quality with robotic depal. 


OSARO delivers more than advanced technology: From start to finish, our expert field staff coach you with smart upfront planning, effective budget strategies, and solid technical support through deployment until your goals are realized. Through our OSARO Partners Alliance program, we bring together trusted vendors and integrators to find the best solution for your particular warehouse automation needs.

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Smarter Automation

OSARO uses deep learning technology to enable advanced pick-and-place robotics with superior precision and adaptability for high-SKU solutions.

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Low Risk

We offer a low-risk business approach including upfront assessment, feasibility studies, and Robot-as-a-Service plans rather than costly capital investment.

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We deliver a sustained customer support program to meet your specific needs and ensure performance from exploration through operation.

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Our customers and partners

Join these top companies who have already discovered the benefits of working with us:


Customer and partner voices matter

Zenni Optical

"With a mountain of online orders and a persistent shortage of labor, we looked to OSARO to take us to the leading edge of technology to be sure our customers receive fast and accurate processing."

~Simon Goh, Zenni Director of Distribution and Facilities 


“We’ve found OSARO’s vision software to be superior to anything else we have seen in machine-learning vision. We needed automated depalletizing to complete an end-to-end offering for our decanting technology. We went with OSARO because of less sensitivity to variance in ambient lighting and the ability to distinguish challenging packages with high confidence.”

~Jay Dugat, Robotica CEO


"OSARO's solution is able to handle items that others fail at. These types of items are essential to automating ASRS. IHI and OSARO can take this technology to market.”

~Tsuyoshi Tsuchida, President of IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation

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The latest OSARO news

OSARO and FANUC America Collaborate to Enhance Capabilities of Robotic Warehouse Automation Solutions

San Francisco, September 6, 2023 — Combining FANUC’s robotics systems and OSARO’s vision software allows robots to automatically learn how to pick and place new objects. Read more.

Cognex Brings Scanning Expertise to OSARO Partners Alliance

San Francisco, August 25, 2023 — Cognex joins the OSARO Partners Alliance, deploying its DataMan® scanners with OSARO Robotic Bagging Systems to help achieve 99%+ accuracy in Zenni’s eyewear fulfillment process. Read more.

OSARO and Mission Partner to Optimize Warehouse Automation

San Francisco, June 28, 2023 — The move blends OSARO’s AI-powered vision software and control technologies with Mission’s expertise in deploying robotic warehouse solutions from depalletizing and kitting to bagging. Read more.

OSARO SightWorks™ Vision Software Available for Integrators, 3PLs

San Francisco, June 1, 2023  —  OSARO SightWorks™ advanced vision software for picking, depalletizing, induction, kitting, and other automated functions empowers integrators to deliver optimal systems for clients. It also expands the reach of OSARO in the fast-growing e-commerce sector. Read more.

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At OSARO we work to free industrial robots from traditional limitations while meeting consumer needs and making warehouse jobs safer and better.  We have a diverse team supporting deployments across 4 continents.

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