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Robotics Solutions for


Smarter Automation

OSARO uses deep learning technology to enable advanced pick-and-place capabilities in flexible, integrated automation solutions.


Low Risk

We offer a low-risk business approach including upfront assessment, feasibility studies, and Robot-as-a-Service plans rather than costly capital investment.



Our customers’ success is our success. We deliver a sustained Hypercare service program to meet your specific needs from installation through operation.

OSARO Product Solutions

Exploding e-commerce has driven enormous strides in fulfillment automation. We deliver superior piece-picking solutions for e-commerce in the goods-to-robot (G2R) function that expands the role robots play on the warehouse floor. This is where the greatest gains in efficiency and accuracy are yet to be achieved. Our best-in-class machine learning vision and control software provides the foundation for all our products.

Pick-and-place robotics with bagging equipment from trusted suppliers for performance and ROI.

The most advanced vision and accurate object placement for  sorter induction.

OSARO™ Piece Picking

Flexible integration of other robots and infrastructure. No CAD models,  no pre-registration.

Find out how our solutions can make your operation more productive today.

"OSARO has helped Denso achieve unprecedented lead generation and I'm confident that our companies will unlock a new level of automation together."

Yosuke Sawada, Managing Director Robot Business Unit

Denso is one of the top global
industrial robot manufacturers.

“OSARO's solution is able to handle items that others fail at. These types of items are essential to automating ASRS. IHI and OSARO can take this technology to market.”

Tsuyoshi Tsuchida, President of IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation

IHI is one of Japan’s top 3 integrators &
subcontractors to GE

"Innotech's staying power has been generated by investing in groups that are the cutting edge of R&D. In today's landscape, that means providing reliable automation products to our end users. We are accomplishing that by teaming up with OSARO, and offering new AI technology that is just now becoming possible."

Yosuke Kaburagi, Director of Robotics Automation Projects at Innotech

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At OSARO we are working to free industrial robots from traditional limitations.  We have a diverse team in multiple countries supporting deployments across 4 continents.

Archana Kashikar