OSARO Solutions

We handle high-SKU inventory in multiple automation functions across the warehouse floor. Our smarter automation, low risk approach, signature Hypercare support program, and strong partner network ensure seamless integration.

OSARO robots work in multiple applications

OSARO’s technology and expertise is applied across many e-commerce fulfillment center applications – from piece picking to induction, bagging, depalletization, and kitting. We partner with experienced integrators, vendors, and 3PLs to solve the most challenging problems in the warehouse.


Bin Picking

Pick high volumes and a variety of SKUs with different shapes and textures in a Goods-to-Robot station connected with your AMR/ASRS.


Robotic Bagging

Automate item bagging by pairing robots powered by OSARO’s vision software integrated with equipment from trusted automated bagging partners.


Sorter Induction

Isolate items from a mixed SKU induction point and place them onto traditional conveyors or sorters to improve efficiency of sortation further down the line.



Pick and place objects with different shapes and textures, using multiple end effector tools as needed, into a single box or kit for the growing subscription product segment.



Identify and lift cases from a pallet, while flagging damage and avoiding foreign objects such as tape dispensers or scissors that can disrupt operations.  



Fully automate your operation with a robot that cuts and opens boxes in conjunction with a depalletizing process for further processing downstream.

Multiple functions, multiple tasks


Industries and Product Types

OSARO has worked across a variety of industries, including consumer product goods, grocery, pharmaceuticals, and apparel. Our AI-driven vision software technology supports a diversity of product types as it learns to manage new products on the fly.