Smarter Automation

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What do we mean by Smarter Automation?


OSARO has used deep-learning technology to create a new generation of intelligent robots that can handle advanced pick-and-place tasks in e-commerce fulfillment, activities previously managed only by humans. Our AI-driven software is the foundation for all our products. It encompasses both vision and motion control software.


Our machine learning vision software utilizes cameras and barcode scanners, enabling the robot to see, grasp, and orient items of different shapes and textures. 

Motion Control

Our Robot Control software is based on planning algorithms that produce smooth, efficient, and reliable robot arm motion.



Integrates reliably with other systems

Addresses the labor shortage and boosts production without added headcount

Easy-to-use APIs make integration fast and easy

Tracks performance


Intelligence through continuous learning

  • Advanced neural networks learn and improve with every pick, allowing the robot to grasp and move vast numbers of products.
  • Perception sensing technology creates greater accuracy
  • Performance improves due to rapid model training and photo sensor logging.
  • Picks across every deployment (millions per year) are aggregated to improve system-wide performance.
  • Built on architecture that adapts to millions of SKUs

Speed and Perception

  • Exceptional speed and accuracy
  • Vision system runs locally to maximize performance
  • Factors affecting throughput are carefully assessed and planned before deployment. We aim to meet or exceed human performance in terms of throughput quality and accuracy.


  • Flexible and scalable to changing inventory, a critical asset when handling seasonal surges or subscription products in which items constantly change. OSARO's robot requires no registration or CAD files for new items.
  • Depth sensing cameras intelligently pick and place items while adapting to changing product mixes