Advanced Perception for Robotics

OSARO SightWorks™

Our OSARO SightWorks™ Perception Software enables robots to see, perceive, grasp, and perform tasks previously done only by humans in the e-commerce fulfillment process. Our AI-driven vision software and associated technologies provide the foundation for all of our warehouse solutions and is available to systems integrators, 3PLs, and other partners for their clients' custom applications. 


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Perception software

Perception software is Installed and configured on an industrial computer (with NVIDIA GPU).

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Cameras, sensors, control software, and other system components are available.

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Motion control

In some use cases, motion control software is also available and can be tailored to client needs. 

Primary Uses

  • Piece picking applications

    • Optimizes a variety of piece-picking functions across the warehouse. These include bin-to-bin, kitting, bagging, and AMR/ASRS systems.
    • Superior perception, lighting adaptability, grasping tool algorithms, and sensing support varied applications. Suggests the optimal pick points and orientation for diverse item types.
    • Reliably processes a vast range of items. SightWorks handles thousands of shapes, sizes, materials, and packaging.
    • Machine learning-enabled vision allows the robot to learn from each pick and store the data for future use. SightWorks adapts to new SKUs on the fly by calling on its vast library of data.

  • Depalletization

    • Recognizes not only cases but multipacks. Identifies center, dimension, depth, tilt of top surface, and orientation for each item visible on the pallet regardless of plain, colorful, or patterned packaging.
    • Detects damaged cases to avoid workflow disruption. Rates each case with a “damage score” that determines the best course of action while preventing spillage and disruption.
    • Flags protrusion and errors on the pallet. Identifies items that exceed a safety margin — such as teetering or poorly-stacked items — for timely resolution to avoid accidents.
    • Detects foreign objects before they cause problems. These include items such as tape dispensers or scissors that are accidentally left on a pallet and can disrupt operations.

  • Parcel Induction

    • Identifies parcel centers and orientation. Effective for all common parcels: boxes, envelopes, flats, padded mailers, and polybags.
    • Picks from jumbled piles. Handles parcels that arrive in a group via chute, conveyor, or bin — and maps action for the robot arm even when an entire parcel is not visible.
    • Pinpoints barcodes to guide subsequent placement. Finds the barcode location on parcels so that they can be placed in an orientation compatible with downstream scanners.

Advantages of SightWorks vision

√ Integrate reliably with other systems. Improve automation with OSARO's RESTful API and easy integration with existing controls and hardware.

√ Track performance. Use our custom monitoring tool to assess and optimize performance after installation.

√ Address the labor shortage and boost production without added headcount.Complete your systems with reliable,  precise vision so that they can perform 24/7, without training, breaks, injuries, or overtime.

√ Shorten order cycle time with smarter automation. Superior vision shortens order cycle time to speed delivery and improve order accuracy.

√ Engage in a low-risk approach. Upfront assessments and multiple pricing options, including RaaS contracts, lower the risk of every project.

√ Partner for robust solutions. Our team of engineers and Hypercare customer support provide upfront planning, clear documentation, and continuous technical solutions for project implementation.


We work with trusted automation equipment manufacturers, integrators, software providers, AMR/ASRS robotics makers, and other vendors through the OSARO Partners Alliance to develop the best one-stop solution for our customers.


“We’ve found OSARO’s perception software to be superior to anything else we have seen in machine-learning vision. We needed an automated depalletizing function to complete an end-to-end offering for our decanting technology. Our DePal™ product powered by OSARO handles mixed pallets and will directly deploy our ABOT® box opening technology, providing an automated turn-key solution. OSARO was chosen after a hands-on evaluation of various solutions. We went with OSARO because of less sensitivity to variance in ambient lighting and the ability to distinguish challenging packages with high confidence.”

~ Jay Dugat, CEO


Mission Design & Automation

“SightWorks is a key component for any robotic piece-picking system, not only for the kitting function but as a solution for a variety of automation system applications in the future. The OSARO team has been great to work with throughout the deployment process. OSARO’s fast and easily trained AI model allows new product introduction very quickly, and their powerful API allows for easy integration to a complete turn-key automation system.”

~Ryan Lillibridge, Vice President

Mission Design & Automation




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