OSARO® Robotic Induction System


Maximize your downstream success

Keeping pace with burgeoning e-commerce demand has been especially true for highly monotonous tasks, such as induction – moving a package from one place to another on a conveyor. Done almost entirely by human hands, this chore is harder than it looks to automate. Fortunately, OSARO’s AI-driven vision and control software allow the robot to “see” the object, make a decision about how and when to grasp boxes or soft pouches of different sizes constantly coming at it, and then place it on a moving surface. 

The OSARO Robotic Induction System automates the picking and placing of items onto conveyors for scanning, sortation, or any other downstream process in a warehouse brimming with product for delivery. It can handle boxes up to 11 pounds and process 1,500+ items an hour with a single arm working.

This system delivers high-throughput rates in production – that’s human-equivalent performance - with less overhead while relieving labor shortage issues and creating superior return on investment.

In four steps the OSARO Robotic Induction System utilizes its superior vision and control AI technology to achieve effective grasping, orienting and placing movements in four key steps:

  • A mix of items flow to the robot which is integrated with a conveyance system.

  • The robot chooses which individual item to pick, and how to best pick it using a multi-suction cup end effector.

  • The item is grasped by the robot, transitioned, and properly oriented for placement.

  • The robot places the item into unoccupied spaces on the conveyor.


  • Reliably process a vast range of item shapes, sizes, materials and packaging — shiny, reflective, deformable, illustrated — no problem.

  • Handle items without previous registration Adapt to changing packaging (type, size, color, print, material) on the fly. Optimal item placement 

  • Maximize downstream success by placing items in a specified orientation into empty spaces on a moving conveyor that is occupied with items.

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