Piece Picking for AMR/ASRS

OSARO® Robotic Piece-Picking System for AMR/ASRS

OSARO’s piece-picking robots take the operation of storage and retrieval systems and mobile robots to the next level in e-commerce fulfillment. OSARO's machine-learning-enabled SightWorks™ software achieves human-equivalent performance and unmatched precision with less overhead, no labor issues, and a superior return on investment.


Primary Use Case

  • Induction of items into e-commerce inventory bins for storage
  • Extraction of items from e-commerce bins for order assembly and fulfillment

Core Features

  • Pick and place e-commerce items without human contact

    Reliably process a vast range of item shapes, sizes, materials, and packaging - shiny, reflective, deformable, illustrated - without problems.  

  • Handle items without previous registration

    Adapt to changing inventory and new items on the fly. 

  • Avoid item damage

    Picks and places items gently and efficiently.


  • Increase production without increasing headcount

    Unlike manual labor, the system can perform 24/7, without training, breaks, overtime, or injuries.

  • Integrate seamlessly with current systems

    Drop-in system occupies similar floorspace, delivers equivalent throughput, costs less, and requires minimal changes in facility layout, product flow, or WMS.

  • Completely automate inventor extraction and induction

    System picks items from a source bin and places them into a destination bin regardless of whether the container is full or empty, jumbled or packed, unstructured or divided.

Relevant Industries

E-commerce, manufacturing, distribution, 3PL, CPG

Cost Savings and Return on Investment

Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) options versus upfront capital investment lower risk to entry.

Return on Investment (ROI): A five cell deployment will return savings over five years when compared to an equivalent number of human picking stations.


Service and Support


OSARO delivers a sustained Hypercare Customer Support program to meet each client's specific needs from exploration through operation. OSARO’s five-phase program includes: ScopingInstallationAcceptanceDeployment, and Performance Monitoring. On-site technical staff execute the deployment over several months and a senior customer success team member manages the deployment in weekly meetings.

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OSARO and Geek+ Partner to Integrate Warehouse Solutions

May, 2023 - Customers benefit from integrated access to OSARO’s advanced picking robots with Geek+ AMR and ASRS systems.

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