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OSARO delivers best-in-class robotic piece-picking solutions for e-commerce where key challenges include high SKU inventories, complex packaging, and fragile items. In the rapidly evolving world of logistics technology, OSARO offers smarter automation, low-risk business plans, and its signature Hypercare support from exploration to installation.

OSARO’s intelligent robots enable goods-to-robot (G2R) use cases, where the greatest gains are yet to be made on the automated warehouse floor. Its machine-learning vision and control software provides the foundation for all its products. 

Our Team

50 employees: 23 Master's, 12 PhDs
A diverse team from more than 12 countries

Expertise in Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Motion Planning, Software Engineering, Robotic Controls, Warehouse Technology, and Business Strategy


Derik Pridmore CEO

Derik Pridmore


Derik was previously a venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, and angel investor, and has over a decade of investment and operational experience. Derik was a Principal at Founders Fund, a venture fund led by Peter Thiel. At Founders Fund, Derik drove investments in a variety of companies including DeepMind, where he worked closely with the founding team. Derik is also an investor in New York based deep learning startup Clarifai. Prior to OSARO, Derik founded and managed Arda Capital Management, a quantitative equity hedge fund. Derik holds B.S. degrees in Physics and Computer Science (2001) and an M.Eng. degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (2004) from MIT.

Michael Kahane CTO

Michael Kahane


Michael brings over 20 years of experience in managing diverse engineering teams. His background includes developing high-performance signal processing mixed hardware/software platforms. Most recently he was a senior engineer and applications manager at Samsung semiconductors. Michael earned his B.Sc. (1995), M.Sc. (1998), degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

Board Members


Antoine Blondeau

Technology entrepreneur and investor, Alpha Intelligence Capital, Sentient Technologies, Darpa, Siri


Megan Guy

Technology investor, King River Capital, Goldman Sachs, The Nature Conservancy, Angeleno Group

Michael Kim

Michael Kim

CEO and Founder, Octave Ventures

Senior Leadership

Karim El Katcha.candid (1)

Karim ElKatcha

VP, Hardware Engineering


Tracy Perdue

VP of Sales

Will Richards

Will Richards

VP, Software Engineering


Khashayar Rohanimanesh

VP, Technology Innovation


Gemma Ross

VP of Operations

Gabe Zingaretti closeup

Gabe Zingaretti

Chief Operating Officer


Noah Goodman

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Computer Science and Linguistics Stanford University

Richard Sutton

Professor and iCORE chair Department of Computing Science University of Alberta

Benjamin Van Roy

Professor Management Science and Engineering Electrical Engineering Computer Science Stanford University


Online Tool Selection with Learned Grasp Prediction Models
K. Rohanimanesh, Jake Metzger, William Richards, Aviv Tamar
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2023), ExCeL London, UK. [PATENT PENDING]
A longer version of the paper is available on arxiv.

"Self-Supervised Goal-Conditioned Pick and Place"
C. Devin, P. Rowghanian, C. Vigorito, W. Richards, K. Rohanimanesh
RSS 2020 VLRRM Workshop

"Depth by Poking: Learning to Estimate Depth from Self-Supervised Grasping"
B. Goodrich, A. Kuefler, and W. Richards
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2020) [PATENT PENDING]

"Imitation Learning from Visual Data with Multiple Intentions"
A. Tamar, K. Rohanimanesh, Y. Chow, C. Virgorito, B. Goodrich, M. Kahane, and Derik Pridmore
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2018) [PATENT APPROVED]

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