Mixed-case Robotic Depalletizing Solutions

OSARO® Robotic Depalletization System

The OSARO® Robotic Depalletizing System provides a direct replacement for manual pallet unloading, especially challenging mixed-case pallets. Automating your incoming inventory process and streamlining your entire warehouse workflow by using robots powered by OSARO’s advanced SightWorks™ machine-learning technology will improve safety, increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance product quality. 


What is a depalletizing robot?

Pallets are the essential unit by which goods get organized, stacked, loaded, transported, and unloaded at their destination for fulfillment processing or storage. Pallets can be dangerous for manual workers who must manipulate them, especially when unloaded after products shift in transit.

In recent years, AI-driven vision software has made industrial robots smarter – and capable of doing the heavy lifting with the precision required by mixed-case depalletization (depal). Although robotic depalletizing of homogenous pallets – accomplished by picking complete layers or groups of same-size cases from known patterns – has been around for a while, mixed-case or partial-layer loads, require advanced, machine learning vision. The vision system must determine case angles, which cases are on top, and which should be picked first. It must have the intelligence to choose and use different end-of-arm tools (EOAT) and to ascertain the precise grasp pose to avoid interfering with adjacent cases. That's where OSARO SightWorks™ vision technology makes the difference.

At a Glance:

Primary Use and Relevant Industries

Unloading of mixed case pallets in 3PL operations, distribution centers, and e-commerce fulfillment warehouses.

Core Features

  • Mixed-case box recognition on complex pallets

    Identifies center, dimensions, orientation, damage score, and error conditions.

  • Foreign object detetction

    Identifies foreign objects such as box cutters, tools, and tape dispensers

  • Damaged box detection

    Identifies damaged or structurally unsound boxes to avoid risky picks

  • Protruding box detection

    Identifies boxes that are within a defined distance beyond the pallet coordinates

  • Flexible deployment

    Built on skids that can be moved with a forklift within or between facilities with ease

Return on Investment

A robotic depal system can return on average 40% cost savings when compared to manual labor. As more shifts are added, savings will increase significantly.

Benefits of the OSARO Robotic Depalletization System

OSARO SightWorks™ Perception System: Utilize advanced machine learning to accurately identify, grasp, and lift boxes with the precision required by depalletization.

Performance Efficiently depalletize loads to boost throughput and optimize the entire warehouse workflow. Robotic depal systems also typically require less space than manual stations.

Flexibility Handle various pallet and box sizes, shapes and weights, making it ideal for mixed-case loads and diverse product types. 

Labor relief: Ease an already severe labor sourcing problem with robotic depalletization instead of hard-to-recruit manual labor for unloading.

Safer work environment: Reduce musculoskeletal injuries and the costs associated with workman's compensation, lost time due to missed work, and work stoppages that affect downstream warehouse efficiency.

User-friendly interface: Reduce setup time and increase operational efficiency with an intuitive interface that enables easy programming, monitory and adjustment of depalletizing tasks.

Reduce costs: Move expenses from costly capital expenditure to a manageable, annual operating budget with Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) contracts


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