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Automate Your Warehouse Bagging Function

OSARO's automated bagging solution helps warehouses cut overhead and increase ROI.

Robotic induction system

OSARO® Robotic Induction System

Maximize your downstream success with a robotic induction system. Get the datasheet below.


Corporate Brochure

Increase productivity at lower cost with greater flexibility and unmatched pick-and-place performance.

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Automate Your Mixed Case Depalletization 

Reduce injury, handle mixed cases, and improve warehouse efficiency with robotic depal. 

Piece Picking for AMR/ASRS

Piece Picking for AMR/ASRS

Flexible integration of other robots and infrastructure. Download the datasheet to learn more.  

depal datasheet

OSARO® Robotic Depal System

Discover the benefits of the OSARO® Robotic Depal System. Get the datasheet below.

Automate Your Warehouse Kitting

Automate Your Warehouse Kitting Process

Meet the demand for subscription products requiring kitting and ease the labor challenge.

Automated robotic bagging system datasheet

OSARO® Robotic Bagging System

Discover the benefits of the OSARO® Robotic Bagging System. Get the datasheet below.

OSARO Zenni Optical Case Study

Case Study: Zenni Optical

Robotics drives productivity and accuracy at Zenni.