OSARO Launches Industry’s First Robotic Solution for Automated Bagging
at MODEX 2022

The OSARO Automated Bagging Solution accelerates fulfillment centers, warehouses, and e-commerce operations by combining advanced robotics with automated packaging and bagging equipment from the industry’s top suppliers

SAN FRANCISCO–March 24, 2022: OSARO, a global leader in the development and deployment of advanced robotic automation, launches the first comprehensive robotics solution for automated bagging at MODEX 2022, next week in Atlanta, Georgia (booth C3794).

The OSARO Automated Bagging Solution pairs robots powered by OSARO software with automatic bagging machines from leading vendors such as PAC Machinery and Pregis. OSARO’s autonomous piece-picking robot integrates seamlessly with existing logistics facilities to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. It is available immediately as a ‘drop-in’ upgrade to either existing or new fulfillment operations.

“Warehouse and logistics operations globally are wrestling with an acceleration of consumer demand and a shortage of labor,” said Derik Pridmore, CEO of OSARO. “By automating common manual processes such as movement, storage and retrieval, and picking and placing, fulfillment centers and e-commerce operations can become more efficient and cost effective—and improve employee safety.”

Unlike conventional automation products, OSARO’s system offers unmatched object recognition and manipulation that augments bagging productivity, delivering robust and efficient automation to a wide variety of e-commerce applications. Operating with minimal human oversight, 24x7, it is capable of packing and shipping a wide range of e-commerce items at a rate of 350 parts per hour.

Fulfillment centers, warehouses, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce centers can now upgrade and streamline order fulfillment by pairing OSARO’s sophisticated pick-and-place robotics with a wide range of packaging equipment from the industry’s top automatic bagging vendors.

“PAC Machinery provides innovative packaging solutions that give our customers a competitive edge. PAC Machinery poly-bagging systems, coupled with OSARO’s smart robots, are the fastest path to the next level of automation. This is the future of packing and fulfillment operations,” said Greg Berguig, VP of sales and marketing at PAC Machinery

“Pregis’ automated packaging systems, powered by Maxwell™ Technology, integrate into end-of-line work cells. Our solutions with OSARO’s technology and robotics extend automation capabilities throughout the fulfillment process, improving pack times, order accuracy, and product protection, while reducing material waste,” said David Schuda, VP of technology at Pregis.

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OSARO designs and deploys robotics automation solutions in the materials handling industry using software-defined robotics with advanced machine learning for object recognition and powerful control software. The company’s piece-picking solutions are optimized for e-commerce markets, where key challenges include high SKU inventories, complex packaging, and fragile items requiring delicate handling. For more information, visit osaro.com.

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